Christmas Carols, 1988.

Let us Welcome Jesus

Palester arranged the carols shortly before his death, in 1988. Similar pieces can be found among the works of other contemporary Polish composers, to name just Witold Lutosławski. Just like Lutosławski, Palester creates here utilitarian music, modernising the harmony of the carols without however altering their melody. Palester arranged 10 carols, 7 of which are written for a mixed choir (Pasterze mili - Dear Shepherds, Lulajże Jezuniu - Sleep, Little Jesus , Wiwat dzisiaj – Hail Today, Kiedy słyszę - When I Hear, Przybieżeli do Betlejem - Shepherds Came to Betlehem, Jezus malusieńki - Little Jesus, W żłobie leży - He Lies in the Manger), and 3 for a solo soprano with an instrumental ensemble (Narodził się Chrystus - Christ is Born, Kołysanka Matki Bożej - Virgin Mary’s Lullaby, Witajmy Jezusa - Let Us Welcome Jesus). Palester’s Carols were performed for the first time by the Capella Cracoviensis ensemble conducted by Stanisław Gałoński on 31 January 1989 in the church of the Reformed Franciscans in Cracow.